I am so incredibly excited to finally have  a studio of my own; a little corner in the world for myself.  It wasn't easy to get here but here's a little rundown of how the studio came to fruition...

When I first started this business, I essentially took over our unfinished basement.  With two toddlers growing quickly and my husband now working from home due to the pandemic, he had to give up his office to create a third bedroom upstairs.  His office moved downstairs and between the both of us -- we were miserable downstairs.  No natural sunlight.  No walls.  No floors.  

I started to look for commercial space to lease and honestly, I just couldn't justify the cost.  I'd have to take on a drastic increase of weddings and I just wasn't quite ready to scale my business to accomodate a rental space and spend more time away from my family on weekends.  So, my husband offered up our two-car garage with high ceilings and all of the possibilities.  I could work from home still, yet have a separate space that's bright and welcoming -- much more conducive to being able to create. 

We also ended up finishing out basement so that we'd essentially double our living space.  We started the basement January 2022 and that was a journey in itself.  Did I mention it was also 'storage'?  Well, that all moved to the garage.  With wedding season approaching, I was starting to get nervous because my 'studio' was currently a giant storage room.  

But my husband and my father-in-law (with help from me where I could!) managed to pull it all together mere days before the first floral delivery to start the wedding season.  And goodness, what a space it has transformed into.  Our garage is no longer just that.  It's a studio.  It's a space to welcome in-person meetings.  A space to create without restrictions.  A place I can make reels (yes!  This was actually important to me!).  It's an icebreaker with neighbours out on their walks.  It's a significant place.

The beauty that will be created in this space is highly anticipated and I feel so much more comfortable showing more behind the scenes.  

Started from the bottom (literally, in the basement), now we're here.

the studio


Tascha was the perfect choice for our wedding! From the beginning, she really understood our vision and worked with us to closely to find our perfect style. The amount of care that she puts into each arrangement is incredible. Each piece looked like a work of art and we were totally blown away by the final result.