For many of you, I can guess that you’ve never booked a florist before and that’s OK! I’m here to help. Let me walk you through a quick timeline of what you can expect when booking with us.

I know that wedding planning can be totally overwhelming and a lot of you are handling the process yourselves (go you!). I thought I would put together a timeline for those that aren’t sure what to expect when booking florals. This is just my process but I’m sure it’s fairly similar to other florists!

This may seem like a lot of info but I assure you, I’ll make it as easy as possible for the both of us! Here we go!

  1. By filling out our contact form, we’ll get an email with all of your information. I’ll email you back within 24 hours letting you know whether or not we’re available for your date. If we are, I’ll ask the items needed, quantity of each, and if you have any inspiration photos or a Pinterest link so that I can take a peek at your wedding boards. You can also invite us to collaborate at Kendon Design Co. and feel free to follow us for all the inspo!
  2. Once I have all of those initial details, I’ll ask if and when you’re available for an in-person meeting or a quick phone consultation which is complimentary. If we get together in-person, coffee and treats are always on me!
  3. 1 – 7 days following consultation: If we find that we’re a great fit for one another and our ideas, vision, and aesthetic align, I will get to work on a proposal and send it over to you typically within 24 to 48 hours following the consultation. As a courtesy, proposal dates and pricing are held for 7 days if we don’t hear back from you straight away. If we do hear back from you, proposal pricing and your date is held for 10 days once they’ve initially been sent.
  4. Like what you see? Happy with what you’ve heard? Let’s secure your date! A signed contract and first payment is required at this time.
  5. 2 weeks after booking: You’ll get a pretty mood board delivered to your inbox within 2 weeks of booking showing a few details (venue, date, style), colour scheme, and any inspirational images that reflect what we’ve previously discussed. This is a great visual starting point and can always be adjusted.
  6. 5 – 6 months prior to wedding or event date: Depending on how soon your wedding or event is approaching from the time you booked, the second payment is required at this time. I’ll reach out to you around this time to confirm receipt of payment once it’s been made or to give you a friendly reminder that a payment is due. Also, if you book with Kendon Design Co., you’ll also receive a complimentary one hour styling consultation (YAY!) as I am a certified stylist. If you need help in this area, we can schedule to meet in person, chat on the phone, or even have a video call to discuss linen selections, tableware, attire, lighting – anything that will play a role in the overall aesthetic of your wedding or event, with florals playing a major role in tying everything together.
  7. 8 weeks prior to wedding or event date: I will reach out to you with a questionnaire and to see if you need to make any adjustments to your order if we haven’t discussed this already. The questionnaire is simply to gather those final details like “Where do bouquets need to be delivered to? Are the boutonnieres being delivered to another place? What are the names of everyone in your wedding party? What time do they need to be delivered? When am I able to have access to the venue(s) to set up?”. These questions will help me make sure that I have all of the information needed to help your day run smoothly and so that we can stay as organized as possible. This will also help you in creating your wedding day or event day-of timeline.
  8. 4 weeks prior: I’ll reach out again to gather any final details that may not have been covered previously. Also, any final changes to your order can and must be made at this time and your final payment is due no later than this date. Once the order is finalized and the balance has been sorted, I place the floral order with my suppliers. You can then officially cross off “florist” from your list of things to do – woohoo!

So there you have it – what you can expect when booking with us. I try my absolute best to make sure this is a smooth, streamlined and, most importantly, a FUN process for the both of us! I want you to get excited about your florals and more so, excited about your big day! This is my passion and I take great pride in what I do so you can bet that you’re going to get the best product and exceptional service to go along with it.

If you have any questions, send me an email or if you’d like to get the process started, fill out our contact form! I look forward to hearing from you!