Have questions? Take a read below for some commonly asked questions I get from my customers or feel free to email me at kendondesignco@outlook.com!

Do you have a minimum requirement?

Yes, we do have a minimum requirement of $2,000 for floral orders. We want to ensure that we’re able to create a floral vision that you and I would both be extremely happy with. Also, since we only take on a minimum number of weddings each weekend, we want to make sure that we have a minimum to be able to serve our customers well.

Do you offer complimentary consultations?

Absolutely! I’m always available for a phone or in-person consultation. For in-person consultations, I love to go for coffee (on me, of course!) and find that it’s so helpful to get together, get the laptop out, and look at visuals together. Either avenue, whether on the phone or in-person, also really helps you and I get a feel for each other and to see whether or not we’re a great fit. This is absolutely conducive to having a great working relationship!

How many people are on your team?

Generally, I’m a one woman show however I do have some help if needed! My husband and sister in law help with anything from set up to creating some of our rentals. I also regularly work with a network of florists that assist each other when needed. I’m a small business so I don’t have anyone on payroll so having a network of freelancers is my go to, like many other home-based florists.

You mention a home-based studio. What does that consist of?

My home-based studio is currently our basement which works wonderfully, especially as a working momma! We have a cooler and we also a large walk in cold storage (cantina). I take every measure, just like a retail florist, to care for and ensure the freshest possible blooms for your big day!

I do hope to one day have a physical location where I can have an office and studio so that I can meet with clients outside of a coffee shop (don’t worry, I’ll still provide complimentary coffee and treats!), design for weddings and events, and also host workshops!

Speaking of workshops, do you offer any?

Since I am home-based, I do not offer any here; however, I can certainly come to you! Maybe you want to host an intimate floral workshop for a bridal shower or a bachelorette party? Maybe one just for fun with your closest gal pals? Send me an email and let’s chat more about it!

How many weddings do you take on in one day?

Just one a day! I want to make sure that my couples have my undivided attention for their big day. I also don’t want to overwork myself (because, who does?) so this is a win win for both of us! I may sometimes take on two weddings max in a weekend, but only if logistics allow for it and either wedding/event is not too big and quite manageable.

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