My name is Tascha and I’m the owner and lead designer for Kendon Design Co. I’m a wife, momma of two, serial Netflix binger, and addicted to balsamic glaze.

There are so many things that I envisioned Kendon Design Co. to be and evolve into since I’ve never, creatively, been able to stick to one thing (until now).  I’ve always been a sort of “creativepreneur” and my love for beautiful aesthetics, florals, pretty things, graphic design, and photography have landed me here; Kendon Design Co.

I’ve had an appreciation for flowers from the time I was very young and absolutely got this from my mother. I have distinct memories of her in the garden, whether it was collecting tomatoes, strawberries, or grapes to planting gladiolas or a patch of wild flowers. I remember going to the grocery store and my “treat” sometimes would be a bunch of orchids or freesia. I was proud of my African Violet plant I had on my dresser. My mother would tell me names of flowers and I’d mindfully retain this information for years to come. Flowers are special to me. They’re nostalgic and emotional, and that’s why I have a passion for doing florals for weddings, because weddings are just that.

I always dreamt of having a cute little florist shop but life landed me in the corporate world, mostly doing sales and marketing in the hospitality industry. I had pondered going to school several times for floristry, but never dove in for some reason. I guess the time wasn’t right at the time. I learned so much from my corporate life and enjoyed it, but after having my second child and being on maternity leave, I realized that this is the time of my life to pursue my passion. I looked into having a home design studio and set up “shop” in the summer of 2018. It’s been a beautiful whirlwind ever since.

The learning and research process with being a wedding florist never truly ends which is why I love this industry oh so much. It’s ever changing. New trends are being forecasted constantly. While it can be a lot to stay on top of, I enjoy a challenge, and to stay current is important to us. I’m constantly designing things, even just for our home, and practicing with different florals and different ways to arrange and build things.

Side Note: When I say “we” or “us” on social media, I’m referring to my incredible husband who helps me tremendously behind the scenes. From bringing my rental item designs to life, to business consulting, to just being my cheerleader – he’s right beside me. He’s a huge piece of Kendon Design Co. and I could not do what I do without him.

So there’s a little tidbit about me! Want to chat some more? Contact me!