Wedding Planning During A Pandemic

Wedding Planning

Here’s my top tips on how to plan a wedding during a pandemic.

As you may have heard, the pandemic has drastically affected the wedding industry and all of the market segments under that umbrella. From florals, to stationery, to venues – a lot has changed. Planning a wedding is never easy, but throw a pandemic on top of things and that’s just one more hurdle added to the mix. Even beyond this pandemic, keep these 4 things in mind…

1. Start Early. Be Flexible. Have An Open Mind.

I cannot stress this enough. With postponements, even from 2020, carrying over into 2022 – plus engaged couples who didn’t feel comfortable with starting the planning process for next year – it’s going to be the biggest year yet for weddings since 1984. In the US alone, they’re projecting 2.5 million weddings. Amazing for our industry but a little tricky for couples wanting to tie the knot.

Book your vendors early. If there’s a particular florist you want to work with – get in touch. If there’s a planner you just have to have – get in touch. Venue? At this point, think about the possibility of having a Sunday or weekday wedding! We did a Monday wedding this past season and now that times have changed, it’s not a faux pas any longer! That photographer that you really want to work with doesn’t have 2022 weekends available? See what weekdays they can offer!

2. Be Decisive.

If you’re booking the right vendors and have a connection with them – put trust in them. They have so much expertise and will happily guide you through decisions. Trust that any amazing vendor will have your best interests at heart and never steer you wrong! As a florist and event designer, I absolutely love that our couples put trust in us and let us create relatively freely. This opens up the window for some pretty magical designs and they’re always happy with how it all turned out because why? They trust us and they were decisive.

It’s also important to make decisions earlier on so that your stationer is able to order that particular handmade paper in a certain shade and it be available and shipped to them on time. Those bridesmaid dresses will arrive on time. The bridal shoes you want? Not sold out! Custom suit? No problem. Wedding vendors, who are busier than ever, also aren’t spending increased time going back and forth on emails when the to-do list is never ending. The list goes on.

3. Be Realistic

Pandemic or not, I always urge couples planning a wedding to be true to themselves. This comes in to play in so many ways – mainly budget and style. One of the main things that has affected the industry is supply and demand. The rising cost of florals due to the pandemic and less than ideal weather plus demand has been higher than ever has forced floral designers to increase their pricing. Florists if you’re reading this – adjust your prices accordingly! Paper goods have also gone up and again, supply and demand has increased. Set your budget but know that costs have gone up across the board. Your vendors aren’t trying to gauge you; they’re trying to stay afloat and stay in business.

4. Hire a Planner

Navigating wedding planning during this time, and frankly probably for a period of time once this pandemic is over (whatever that looks like), is harder than ever. If your budget allows, hire a planner – or at least a Month of Coordinator. They can steer the ship and guide you in the right direction, deal with the nitty gritty, and take a lot of the added stress out of the equation so that you can enjoy your engagement and of course, your wedding day!

I hope you found this article helpful! If so – drop a comment below. Or, if you have a piece of advice yourself, let me know!

Happy planning!



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