Wedding Floral Elements That You Might Be Forgetting!

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I’ve been there with my own wedding florals, believe me. Don’t do what I did and regret not having certain floral pieces! Here’s a quick guide to what you just might be missing.

So you’re in the thick of planning this wedding of yours. There’s so many little things that seem to creep their way on to the to-do list and it can get overwhelming! Things can get forgotten. One of my main goals for my clients is to make sure that the process is easy, seamless, and somewhat educational! I also just want to make sure that anyone who is reading this – you don’t do what I did and forget, or may just not be aware of certain floral elements that you might want to include for your big day!

Corsages and boutonnières

You may be well aware that the groom and groomsmen typically have boutonnières, but there are some other VIP guests that may need or want them too! Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, your officiant, and even your cute little ring bearer are individuals to think about.

Corsages for mothers of the couple are generally a given but grandmothers and aunts are something to consider as well. It also may come down to whether or not they’d like to wear one! I suggest asking them and if they’re up for it, try to coordinate with your florist and the mother what they’ll be wearing. I typically like to keep corsages pretty neutral so that they’ll match with whatever they decide to wear. There’s also the choice to have a pin-on or wristlet so having a couple of different options is always helpful!

Cake flowers

It may not be needed if your cake vendor is super talented (like mine was) and makes sugar flowers that are a work of art! Flowers or even just greenery can spruce up the simplest of cakes or add to the look of an already luxurious cake!

Flowers for place settings

This one isn’t necessarily a must-have for some. It’s more of a “want” and, if your budget allows it! It is one of those little details that can add to the look of your guest’s place setting. A single bloom on a plate or even a piece of rosemary tucked in a napkin can add the sweetest little touch. To me, it’s one of those extra little things that show your guests that you thought of them.

Image via Julie Paisley

Welcome Or Escort Table Floral Arrangement

I always recommend repurposing ceremony florals for either your head table, welcome table, or escort table. Your welcome or escort table is generally your guest’s first impression when it comes to your reception, so give them a warm welcome! Florals on a table with a guestbook, escort cards, photos of the couple or lost loved ones, some candles. What’s not to love here?!

Source unknown. Image via Pinterest

Floral Hair Piece

This is one that I hope to see more of! Sometimes, brides may not know exactly what they’re doing with their hair at the time of booking a florist, but it’s something to keep in mind! I, for one, would be elated if one of my brides came to me towards her big day to add a floral piece to her order! While I do like flower crowns, floral hair pieces can be a touch more elegant, sophisticated, and polished. They can also be a great look for the entire bridal party!

Toss Bouquet

This one I find is missed more often than not because I think there might be a misconception here. Some brides may think that they have to toss their own bridal bouquet. Not the case! You may want to keep your bouquet and preserve it to keep it forever so tossing it to whoever may be the next eligible wife may not be the best idea. The toss bouquet also doesn’t have to be an exact replica of your bridal bouquet but something much simpler (and cheaper!); even simpler than your ‘maids bouquets.

Image via Want That Wedding – Photographer: Jemma Keech

I hope this little list helps you out and you’re one of my future couples and need to add to your order after reading this, get at me!

Happy wedding planning!

xo, Tascha

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