Current Crush – Lunaria

current crush

This subtle ethereal detail that can make a huge impact.

Lunaria is something that I’ve recently discovered and I love how it’s making its way into the spotlight.  It’s such a small but striking detail and lends an intricate dimension to virtually anything it’s added to.  From arches to bouquets to bridal hair; it’s sure to make an impression.

Lunaria is commonly referred to as the “money plant” or “silver dollar” and they are actually disc-shaped seed pods.  I’ve slowly seen it creeping into my Pinterest and Instagram feeds and I’m not mad about it one bit! 

Image via Jen Huang Photo

Looking for a bridal hair piece but wanting to steer away from your typical hair comb or flower crown?  Take a modern approach and add a sprig of lunaria for a whimsical feel.

Image via Ruffled Blog

If you’re working with a muted or natural colour palate, lunaria can add an interesting textural element to help bring it to life.

Image via Type Wolf
Image via Bodamas

And now for my favourite way to incorporate lunaria; all things floral.  From centrepieces to bouquets to boutonni√®res, lunaria makes a statement.  It’s also a wonderful way to give low compote centrepieces some hight without blocking your guests from seeing one another from across the table.

Image via Jen Huang Photo

I’ve also been noticing lunaria incorporated in with some bunny tails in floral pieces.  Lunaria + bunny tails = dream team.  I could gaze at this bouquet all day long.

Lunaria also makes a striking appearance when incorporated in with installation pieces.  From arches to suspended arrangements, it makes it look so ethereal, whimsical, and cloud-like.  How dreamy!

So there you have it – my current crush (amongst many).  Have you used lunaria in your wedding?  Have I convinced you to incorporate it into your upcoming wedding?  Or, have I just gotten you obsessed with all its beauty and now you can’t stop searching for #lunaria on Instagram?

Regardless, you’re welcome.

Let me know what you’re obsessing about in the comments below and we can obsess together!



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