My 2019 Wedding Trend Predictions

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Where did 2018 even go though?

Can we just talk about where 2018 went?  I feel like we just celebrated NYE 2018 yesterday and BOOM!  It’s one month until Christmas already.  2019 is just around the corner and engagement season is even closer!  Maybe the old saying should be changed to “Time flies when you’re having fun getting older.”

As the year is drawing to a close and I’m thinking ahead to all that 2019 will bring, I can’t help but think about all of the fabulous wedding trends I’m hoping to see for next year.  After very careful consideration, here are my top five wedding trend predictions for 2019!

Circular Arches

Image via Style Me Pretty

I may be biased on this one since we have one for rent [shameless self-promotion], but come on!  It’s such a modern take on the ol’ arch.  Whether it’s partially or completely done up in florals and greenery or left bare, it really makes a statement.  Circles are symbolic and represent so many things that relate to the significance of the act of marriage – eternity, perfection, wholeness, eternity, timelessness.  It’s such a beautiful notion when you think about it this way if you ask me.  

Image via AJR Designs

Move over gold, silver is coming through

While I do love me some gold, I’ve been drawn to silver lately.  Just like gold, silver is timeless, classic, and goes with virtually any other colour you may have in your decor.

There are endless elements that you can add in silver to your wedding.  From the smallest of details to the grandest, silver is so versatile and again, can compliment any style and other colours in your decor.  Gold or rose gold sequinned linens, take a knee.  Silver sequinned linens look just as marvellously sparkly in candlelight.  Silver trimmed-charger plates, silver chiavari chairs, silver candelabras, and virtually any silver mercury glass vessel – I’m here for.

Floral Installations

I’ve seen a growing number of photos on Instagram of beyond beautiful floral installations.  Some of them are truly breathtaking and the ones that look like they’re almost suspended in the air are my faaaaaave!

Mind.  Blown.  There are some seriously talented florists out there. 

A trend within this trend that I’m also loving is when garlands are suspended above the table rather than having it run on top of the table itself – brilliant!  

Image via Elle

The gold stands pictured above is another product that we’ll have available for rent for 2019!  Ours will be a tad smaller but will be as equally awesome [another shameless self-promotion].

Rustic Wild & Woodsy

I have a confession.  I’m personally over the “rustic” theme.  I feel like it’s overdone at this point.  Man it feels good to get that off my chest.  That’s not to say, if a client came to me and was having a rustic wedding, I’m all for it!  But I will have to at least try to steer them towards “wild and woodsy” and away from mason jars, wood slabs, and burlap.

Wild and woodsy weddings can take place virtually anywhere.  A mountainous landscape, an indoor industrial setting, or even a classy and clean art gallery.  Lot’s of greenery, moody hues, natural elements, pampas grass, and a more natural approach to bouquets; letting the flowers fall where they will.  Wispy, overgrown, but groomed at the same time.  It’s a bit elegant.  It’s a bit bohemian.  

Are you convinced yet?  Isn’t it so much better than that overdone rustic theme?! 

All things vellum

I went through this weird phase the last two weeks before our wedding where I literally was like “vellum all the things!!!“.  It was unrealistic so close to our wedding day BUT, had I more time, I’d be so all over this. 

Vellum paper incorporated into wedding invitations, escort cards (just about any paper product possible, really) and paired with a wax seal and/or white modern calligraphy – I’m swooning.

Vellum paper is so delicate and simple, but it’s one of those elements that screams “style”.  A little torn edge on it too adds just the perfect amount of elegant rawness.

For you DIY brides, there’s plenty of tips and tricks for printing at home on vellum and it can be found in basically any arts and crafts store and even Amazon.  

I hope you enjoyed my picks for 2019 trends and leaves you feeling inspired.  There’s so many more trends that I’m obsessing over and looking forward to seeing more of next year.  

What are your predictions for big trends next year?  Is there a certain colour, wedding dress style, or bridal nail trend that you’re dying to see all over your Insta feed next year?  Let me know in the comments below!

Happy wedding planning 2019 brides!



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